34 Years of Innovativeness

Creative, Reliable and Responsible, Sharda has lived up to its principles. Known as one of the industry leaders in floor fashion business, one would not have expected Sharda to have started from a small town in India. Established in 1983 with only 6 weavers, Sharda has come a long way!

Today, Sharda has grown and expanded to supplying rugs to more than 80 countries with a multitude of awards and recognitions in exports, innovation and trade show displays. Renowned for its environmentally-friendly use of materials, Sharda prides themselves to sustainable growth and the implementation of green initiatives, producing products which are both stylish and ecological.

Being one of the Frontiers and stalwarts of IFFS, Frontpage caught up with Mr Ashish Sharma, VP Marketing via an e-Interview.

Frontpage       From what you’ve experienced through 8 years of participation at IFFS, how has this show evolved? What keeps Sharda coming back?
Sharda           IFFS is a structured show where exhibitors are able to display their items without having to worry that trade visitors will fail to notice their booth due to the layout of the exhibition. Organizers of IFFS are driven to ensure that all the exhibitors and trade visitors have an opportunity to interact. As The Rug Republic by Sharda has a unique business model, the participation in IFFS allows us to connect with buyers directly without MOQ or long lead time. It is also a great platform for us to emphasize the brand aspect of The Rug Republic. With these relevancy and advantages, it keeps us coming back to participate in the show.


Frontpage       Sharda has won numerous awards at international trade shows, including the Best Décor Award at IFFS 2013 and 2014. [Perhaps you could provide us with the photos of the award presentation to you in 2013 & 2014] Can you give us a sneak preview of what visitors can expect from Sharda at IFFS 2018?

Sharda        As Sharda is known for its innovativeness, it is our honour to be recognized and awarded for our passion for creativity. Aside from a portfolio of fashionable and commercially relevant products, we are delighted to feature 4 international designers from USA, Australia, Germany and Finland in our collection. Also, as we have noticed that there is no one exhibitor that offers machine-made rugs, we have decided to take this opportunity to have a head start and hopefully able to lead the market.


Frontpage       Sharda is renowned for being environmentally-friendly through the innovative re-use of materials. How did this idea come about?

Sharda        The environment is affected by human activity and it is part of our global community concern. As we place great emphasis on protecting the environment, what better way to do so then by incorporating it in our line of business? We feel that creativity need not be limited to patterns, textures and colors. From there, we came up with the idea of creating trendy yet eco-friendly products, to help save the environment and at the same time appeal to the consumers. Leather, jeans, bicycle tubes and other multi fibre textiles are some of the materials that we re-use due to its practicality. With the appreciation from our consumers acknowledging our cause in saving the environment, it encourages us to explore further into creating eco-friendly products.