DeRUCCI: Providing Healthy Sleep for Everyone

Known for its simple yet modern designs, DeRucci Beddings Company is one of the dominant bedding brands in China today. Established in 2004, the company has never failed to fulfill its mission of enabling people to sleep better.


DeRucci was established to address the gap between the current technology used to make beddings and mattresses, and the best technology available. The company believes that the gap is the reason behind many restless nights, and why many people are not sleeping as well as they should.


DeRucci prides itself on providing consumers with products that are both comfortable and trendy. Through its close partnership with prestigious corporations around the world — including Belgium’s Artilat, Kmart, and Rako; Germany’s Otten; Italy’s Lamborghini, Salvadori, and Technogel; and Switzerland’s DOC corporate — DeRucci uses international-grade, advanced bedding manufacturing materials, and technology to design and build a new bedding system for its consumers in China.


Tailor-made to offer the perfect combination of body care, comfort, and taste, DeRucci’s internationally-acclaimed bedding systems won them the trust of world-renowned Lamborghini Bedding, and the company was appointed as Lamborghini Bedding’s sole corporate partner for China in 2011. DeRucci’s innovative approach also won them the China Famous Trademark Award in 2015.


Currently, DeRucci supplies to more than 2,800 stores distributed across five continents around the world. This extraordinary growth stems from the quality of products DeRucci provides. DeRucci’s team of designers and experts have an in-depth understanding of interior design, and a passion for combining contemporary European design with human engineering concepts to elevate every bed into a masterpiece. With more than a decade’s worth of experience and expertise, DeRucci’s team of designers are credited with inventing a healthy sleep system that encourages a good night’s sleep.


Visitors to IFFS 2018 can expect to view beddings that are a fusion of Chinese and Western culture. DeRucci will be bringing beddings fashioned after the shape of a supercar, and with an integral shape similar to that of a shoe-shaped gold ingot — which is believed to bring in wealth and prosperity.


Don’t forget to keep an eye out for DeRucci at IFFS 2018!

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