The Future of Urban Living

What does urban living mean to you?

Mention ‘urban living’ and most people will think of well-connected living spaces with minimalist yet design-driven furniture, sleek and multi-functional appliances, and smart home technology. With the trend of global furniture and homeware e-commerce projected to grow by 15% to US$220 billion in 2020, and the increase of tech-savvy urban dwellers, the prospects are appealing and limitless.

At IFFS 2019, you can now jump on the urban living bandwagon with us!

Today, Southeast Asia’s urban areas (with more than 200,000 residents) are home to one-third of its total population, but generate more than two-thirds of the region’s GDP. Fuelling economic growth at an unprecedented pace, urban dwellers are increasingly well-travelled, design-inspired, digitally inclined and house-proud.

IFFS 2019, together with almost 400 first-rate international exhibitors, welcome you to the world of urban living. Play the role of an urban dweller, and discover an active hub of furniture and furnishing brands from around the world that go beyond form and function to truly understanding the needs of urban dwellers, their aspirations and desire lifestyles.

Keep a lookout for our latest developments via our social media channels, and get ready to step into never-seen-before curated areas at IFFS 2019. Follow our journey towards IFFS 2019, and discover new ideas and gain invaluable insights to the future of urban living.

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