Here to Help – Tips and Suggestions at the Fairground

Here to Help – Tips and Suggestions at the Fairground

It’s just six more months to IFFS 2019. We know you are as excited as we are! As always, we are here to help, and to bring you closer to one another like never before.

Here are some tips and suggestions, that we have scoured the web, for you. Happy reading!

The New World of Trade Fair

New collections. Live demonstrations. Refreshments. Experience sharing. No longer are booths at exhibitions just a ‘space’ to showcase products. Welcome to the new world of trade fair, where leaving positive impressions count. Most visitors all attracted to visually-pleasing, brightly-lit, well-curated booths. Do remember to make your messaging clear and concise, and we are able to locate your booth (and its entrances) near and far.

Sharing is Caring


You are exhibiting/visiting the trade fair, make it known! Share the news via your websites, social media platforms and emails with your colleagues, peers, friends, business partners, and let them know you will be here. Let them know what you will be bringing over (An exclusive product? A new colleague? A new store that needs to be furnished?) and invite them along too.

Put Yourself in the Buyer’s Shoes

Imagine you are a buyer at the fairground. What would you expect to see, or how would you like your peers to approach you while you’re walking around the fairground? Have a checklist ready, be prepared, and put your best foot forward.

Chairs for Display, Not for Sitting

As an active hub for international exhibitors and visitors, we understand that you may have travelled long and far before reaching the fair. Keep your spirits up, put on a smile, and be welcoming of one another. Don’t sit around (chairs and folded arms definitely look unwelcoming) but always be on the lookout and on the move. Maximise your stay here! 

Let the Eyes Meet

Making eye contact attracts each other’s attention, and is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to make a person feel recognised, understood, and validated. However, do not stare but look elsewhere subtly or blink after a few seconds. Experts estimate that eye contact is to be made around 40%-60% of the entire conversation duration.

Don’t Be Shy, Start A Conversation

Make as many conversations as you can during the fair. Meet new potential partners and make new friends. What better way to build and enhance your network, when you have a base of over 400 brands waiting for you to explore collaborations and partnerships. Works like a physical Facebook platform, with the added advantage of the all-important, personal first touch-point!

The Day After Tomorrow

No, we are not talking about the movie. What do you do with the business cards, brochures and other collaterals you received after the fair? Yes, follow-up, and as quickly as you possibly can. Time is no longer a luxury in today’s business context, and the earlier the follow-up, the likelier you can remember and serve each other well. Build the contact, strengthen the relationship, and enhance the trust.