IFFS x Ningbo Furniture Chamber of Commerce

Late last year, the IFFS team made a trip to Zhejiang, China, to pay a visit to Ningbo Furniture Chamber of Commerce (NBFCC). As Asia’s premier design-led sourcing platform, the fair has earned for itself quite a reputation amongst furniture manufacturers based in Ningbo.


Many of NBFCC’s members have first found success in the Singapore market, where its exquisite antique furniture is favoured. And over the course of working together, both IFFS and NBFCC have found that there lies great potential in further collaborations — whether in trade or in exchange of design ideas.

Executive members of the Ningbo Furniture Chamber of Commerce warmly welcomed the IFFS Team.


In March, NBFCC will lead a group of members to Southeast Asia on a mission trip. Apart from attending the fair, the learning journey will bring participants on off-site visits, where they can expect to pick up tips on global expansion in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and more. The programme is expected to help Ningbo companies gain insight on how the Southeast Asian furniture industry operates its business, particularly in areas such as supply chain management and manufacturing processes.


Some of Ningbo’s furniture manufacturers will also be exhibiting at the fair this year. Amongst them are two crowd favourites: Ningbo Antique House and Ningbo Hanm.


Ningbo Antique House Ltd

Booth 6B-12

A specialist in the reproduction of antique furniture, Ningbo Antique House is a forward-looking company that has grown and evolved tremendously over the last two decades. In its early days, the company focused on exporting antiques, but decided to start its own production line in 2006. Since then, Ningbo Antique House has expanded its business and now owns nine factories that manufactures products of various categories.

Designed in Belgium, Ningbo Antique House’s products is a fusion of original European vintage styles with a modern touch. The collection features a varied mix of materials (e.g. recycled wood, solid wood, steel, stainless steel, stone, and cement), and pieces are dressed in multiple layers of paint imported from Europe.


Find out more about Ningbo Antique House at: www.objectum.com


Ningbo Hanm Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Booth 6G-42

Ningbo Hanm Furniture is an experienced manufacturer that specialises in wooden furniture, with extensive experience in solid wood bending, tenon structure, and other complex techniques. In 2016, independent designer Zhou Zhenghui launched his furniture brand, Han Mu, which blends the essence of Chinese ancient furniture with the natural Nordic look, utilizing modern wooden craft.

At IFFS 2018, Ningbo Hanm presents unique pieces inspired by ancient Seal script characters (篆刻 “zhuan ke”) and its country’s rich history, dating back to Han and Zhou dynasties.


Find out more about Ningbo Hanm Furniture at: www.hanm.en.alibaba.com

“Zhuan” Chair by Ningbo Hanm


IFFS looks forward to welcoming the delegation from Ningbo!