KODA: From the Little Red Dot to the World

Even global companies have humble beginnings. For KODA, it was a small workshop in 1972. Over the years, that small workshop has evolved from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to leading the furniture industry as an Original Design Manufacture (ODM) that provides brands. Under the leadership of their 2nd generation owner Mr Ernie Koh, KODA continues to innovate and remain relevant in the furniture market.

One of the ways KODA remains competitive is their consumer-centric approach and their keen sense for trends.  KODA keeps a close eye on furniture trends around the world. They shared with us that “furniture trends between Asia, Europe and USA are all different. But with the internet and globalisation, the world is getting smaller and global trends are narrowing and converging.”

A key consumer’s demand today is environmentally-sustainable products. “The industry is moving towards using more sustainable materials and processes. Our customers are willing to pay a little more to ensure that the products are made using sustainable materials and processes,” said KODA. It is a delicate balance of environmental sustainability and financial viability for the company. Take wood for example; to ensure the quality and sustainability of timber, KODA uses a variety of timber species. This includes timber from Europe, America hardwood, as well as locally grown timber from Vietnam and Malaysia. The variety of timber they import also minimises the impact of the current global trade climate on their timber purchases.

In addition to using sustainable materials, KODA also ensures that their processes are both productive and environmentally-sustainable. Many Computer Numerical Control machines are bought and implemented into their manufacturing process. These machines use less energy and create less wastage. KODA’s usage of sustainable materials, such as FSC certified wood and low VOC surface finishing, are also on the rise.


To KODA, IFFS has always been a platform to reach their customers. “For us, it is a home show, and we will continue to use this platform to continue to introduce our latest designs to the market we are in.”

With regards to the theme of IFFS 2019, UrbanAsia – the Future of Urban Living, KODA said, “Urban Living has always been in the DNA of KODA. Over the years, our products are developed with the consideration of using it in small spaces. For the 2019 edition of IFFS, we will continue this DNA and will definitely have a range that is suited for urban living. There will be no sneak previews. You will have to visit the show to see it for yourself!”

Look out for more information about KODA in our next issue, and check out their booth at B275 when you visit IFFS 2019 from 9-12 March at Sands Expo and Convention Centre.