Koda’s New Collections Boast New Colour Trends and Materials

A leading Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), Koda has more than 40 years of experience in the furniture industry. The company is well-known for its expertise in product design and precise workmanship that has provided strong differentiation for its products, which are exported to over 150 established customers across more than 50 countries.


Koda prides itself on being the most effective manufacturer and promises its customers that its products are very much worth the money spent. Furthermore, the company practices sustainable processes, evident in its meticulous selection of materials and lean manufacturing processes.


To ensure that its products remain affordable and accessible, Koda recently expanded its operations in Vietnam, bringing its total number of purpose-built factory buildings to 11. Likewise, as part of the company’s commitment to cater to customers’ needs, Koda invests heavily in research and development, and this conscious effort to remain design-relevant has contributed to its success.


Koda’s production of design-intensive, sophisticated, elegant, and individualistic products has helped to set it apart from its competitors. A team of carefully selected and highly skilled designers also ensures that every Koda product is aesthetically pleasing, created with technical mastery and an astute attention to detail.


Every year, Koda brings new collections to the fair, and the 2018 pieces feature new colour trends and material finishing, such as 3D veneer patterning and tea-stained furniture. Inspired by the rich history of tea staining, the designers at Koda decided to stain its new collections to create a unique, natural finishing.

When asked about its long-standing support for IFFS of close to over three decades, Koda’s Executive Director, Ernie Koh, shared that their decision to exhibit is influenced by the fair’s position as a leading, prestigious international show in the region, and its ability to bring upscale buyers to participating exhibitors.


Keep an eye out for Koda’s new collections at booth 4G-12 in March!


Find out more about Koda here: www.koda.com