Made in Japan: The Epitome of Quality

In the face of changing global demands, Japanese manufacturing has evolved and “Made in Japan” evokes images of painstaking, meticulous craftsmanship, consistency, quality and trustworthy products made by dedicated sinseis (masters) of their respective industries.

NOOK Asia 2018 is honoured to welcome the participation of Tokyo SME (Small Medium  Enterprise) Support Center with a Japan pavilion, where selected Tokyo-based SMEs will exhibit their exquisite, unique designs, products and services.

Ms Satoe Inoue, Manager of Tokyo Trade Center, Tokyo SME Support Center (TSSC) shares her views and insights with Frontpage in an exclusive interview.

Q:   Why did TSSC choose NOOK Asia 2018 as the platform to showcase furnishing and decorative products? What makes NOOK Asia unique in its direction?

A:    We consider NOOK Asia as one of the best opportunities for us to promote our Made-in-Japan design-led products with excellent function to all trade visitors from ASEAN, Asia and beyond.


Q:    What kind of product range can we expect at the Made-in-Japan Pavilion? Can you share with our readers some of the brands that will be showcasing their products?

A:    We are planning to exhibit both high-quality traditional crafts from Tokyo and innovative products that combine design and functionality.


 Wallpaper made of Japanese traditional paper

 Interior and apparel products using gold threads

 Folding solar lanterns for indoors and outdoors use

 Compostable tableware of elegant design like pottery

 Ceramic aroma diffuser for fragrance


Q:     How does the Japanese culture and tradition influence these products?

A:     In Japan, we have a long manufacturing history. High quality, safe and secure products are carefully made. Also, our culture of hospitality leads to the creation of convenient and highly functional and user-friendly products.


Q:     Can you share with us what is the unique selling point of a typical Made-in-Japan product?

 A:    The USP of a typical Made-in-Japan product:

・Safe and secure

・High quality and excellent design




Q:     It would be good if you could provide us with a short profile of Tokyo SME Support Center – your mission and objective.

A:     Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center is a public-interest corporation established in July 1966 by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government with the goal of contributing to the development of local economy by providing referrals for subcontractors, arranging placements, offering fostering and training services for small and medium-sized companies in order to achieve stability and development of small and medium-sized companies based in Tokyo.

We are expecting the creation of their business relationship for SMEs on a win-win basis with business enterprises in ASEAN and in the global marketplace.

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