Modernity of Tradition

Beauty, Passion, Sophistication and Style are just some of the many superlatives that the French is synonymous with.

NOOK Asia 2018 is pleased to announce the heralded presence of a pavilion of French-only brands and products especially hand-picked by the organisers of MIF Expo. This collective aims to bring forth the ‘Made-in-France’ ethos to this region and beyond.

CEO & Founder, Ms Fabienne Delahaye, shares her views and insights with Frontpage in an exclusive interview.

Q:           What kind of furnishings and decorative accessories can we expect at the Made-in-France Pavilion during NOOK Asia 2018? Will there be a theme for the Pavilion? If so, can you share the rationale behind the theme?

A:       All products are related to French « Art de Vivre »: furniture, décor accessories, home linens, fragrances; and also crockery, tableware and cutlery; which have a great value amongst French way of life. All products exhibiting in MIF Expo are carefully sieved out by the organizing team, taking into serious consideration the origin of the products.


Q:         How do the French culture and tradition influence the Made-in-France products?

A:       France has a long history of crafts dated back to centuries; often pass down from generation to generation within family businesses. Through that, the wealth of French manufacturing is influenced by the French history and its regions.

Q:         Why have you decided to participate at NOOK Asia 2018 and what does the Pavilion and French exhibitors hope to achieve through the show?

A:       NOOK Asia 2018 represents the gateway to Asian & Oceanian markets which attracts targeted visitors. The show is an opportunity for French companies to develop their international exposure; and meet potential customers who do not participate in European shows.

Made-in-France products:

More about MIF Expo

MIF Expo, one of the biggest fair in France, dedicated to products designed and manufactured in France is one that shouldn’t be missed! Within a short span of 6 years, MIF Expo has developed and become an annual event where exhibitors from various sectors will convene at. MIF Expo 2017 will take place from 10 – 12 November 2017, at the Port de Versailles.