Pure Home Collections: Vintage with a Modern Twist

A leading brand that specialises in authentic, vintage, and high-quality furniture, Pure Home Collections (PHC) guarantees that its furniture will enrich any space with unique character and timeless elegance. The company operates with a love for furniture and quality, an attribute born from its three founders.

Most PHC creations are a combination of reclaimed wood, metal, leather, and fabric, that together offer a distinctive edge. However, the most distinct and telling feature of a PHC piece is its unique vintage finishing. PHC’s skilled craftsmen apply new, processed materials to every piece of furniture, creating a unique and worn vintage finish.

PHC attributes its success to several factors, with the most important one being its continuous search for improvement. This is demonstrated in the way it develops products and portrays itself at important international furniture exhibitions like IFFS. The company’s success can also be traced to its constant building of a unique image and presentation, an important factor that many companies underestimate.

Oftentimes, IFFS is the platform where PHC chooses to showcase its new furniture, and IFFS 2018 will be no different. At the event, PHC will be showcasing more dining chairs — a PHC specialisation. The design team at PHC often find inspiration from vintage pieces sourced at antique fairs, auctions, and online market sites. The designers then improve the designs to suit modern day seating, creating a new PHC star. The new pieces to be featured at IFFS 2018 have slimmer, sleeker designs that can fit into a large majority of interior styles and atmospheres.

PHC will be bringing its new Sputnik dining table and Gianni chairs to Singapore, which are designed in-house. Made from Rustical Oak, and coated with a pebble grey finish, the dining table has a classy, finished look that can fit any environment. Similarly, PHC’s Gianni chairs are made from vintage Buffalo leather in a British green finish, and either matte or glossy. The frames of the chairs are also brushed with PHC’s very own antique brass and matte black finish.

PHC’s Senna Elements Sofa, encased in vintage buffalo leather, and brushed with undercool glossy finishing will also be on display at the event. It is the perfect piece that can be placed in any environment.

Keep an eye out for PHC’s new pieces at IFFS 2018!