“As a manufacturer and exporter of Indian wooden furniture, my main objective is to meet importers and distributors who are keen on bringing our products to their markets. We managed to meet people from literally all over the globe, including buyers from the ASEAN region, Europe, Americas, and Australia. We are 100 percent certain of returning for the next edition.”

Chirag JAIN, Director


“We confirmed orders with a supplier from Turkey and another from Indonesia within the first 2 hours of the show, so I’d say that we have been successful so far. We like the high-end, international offerings here, and find many exhibitors who offer a good combination of quality and price.”

Marion HORGAN, Owner

HORGANS (Australia)

“I believe the new venue will pique people’s curiosity, and a different audience will be keen to come see the fair. Some of our customers come specially to meet with us here, and we’ve also received quality new leads from all over the world — from as far as South America, South Africa, and Europe. It was a fruitful time here at IFFS, and we’ll be there at MBS next year!”

Jan-Wout HULSTEIN, Founder

  (Hong Kong)

“I’m a UAE-based interior designer, and this has been a great first-time experience for me here at IFFS. I’ve expanded my supplier database, and discovered many quality products from countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and India. There are some very good options for custom or bespoke products here, and the lead times are really amazing! I made some valuable contacts this week, so I’ll likely be back again next year.”

Rabia SARFARAZ, Founder and Principal Interior Designer

In House Interiors (UAE) 

“IFFS is the only furniture show we participate in within Asia. We’ve grown substantially thanks to the overwhelming support from IFFS, SFIC, and other exhibitors, who gave us the confidence to fire away with our ideas. Specifically, IFFS helps to increase the exposure of local design talents to the global design industry. Singapore has much to show to the world, and everybody stands to benefit from the move.”

Saurabh MANGLA, Creative Head


“I thought it was very informative. As a student-designer, I valued their candid sharing as it gave me greater insight to the professional world. I particularly appreciated Giulio’s reminder to designers to be mindful of cultural restrictions, and to respect the local culture in order to remain relevant.”

David OEI

Product Designer (Singapore)


“I’ve been here six years in a row now and continue to see a great cross section of suppliers from around the world here. Other shows in this region feature a majority of their own local manufacturers, but IFFS is different in a good way for me. I meet a lot of reputable companies here that offer high quality products.”

David PEEZ, Boss Man

Republic home (New Zealand)

“I’ve always dreamt of being able to design for companies around the globe, be it in Australia, Asia, the UK, or in Europe, and IFFS is helping me in my journey with its many international buyers and visitors. My friend was the one who introduced me to IFFS — we were both very impressed by what IFFS offered, so I decided to participate.”

Ryota YOKOZEKI, Founder 


“We’re celebrating our company’s 10th anniversary in Singapore and planned to visit this week so that we could attend IFFS. This is the only show of its kind that we are visiting in Southeast Asia this year. All thirteen of us are here to look for interior design trends and ideas for our residential clients in the Philippines, and we like what we have seen so far.”

Malen GARCIA, Interior Designer

ideaforma (Philippines)

“Global markets are picking up and we’re here as a 17-company pavilion to bring Indonesia products to worldwide audiences. The IFFS platform helps our companies to gain good international visibility, so we hope to continue this collaboration at the new venue next year and beyond.”

Mugianto SUKADI ISMAN, Chairman 


“I’m a furniture fittings and equipment (FF&E) designer and am here to explore local and Southeast Asian exhibits. It’s my first time attending a show like this in Southeast Asia, and I liked the contemporary rattan pieces that I’ve seen, and also the many classical pieces offered by several exhibitors.”

Viyan LO, Senior Designer

Hirsch Bedner Associates (Hong Kong)

“Our pavilion features 16 companies this year, and in total, IFFS 2018 welcomes over 50 Indian exhibitors, the largest group of Indian companies ever to participate at this show. Our companies are able to meet serious international buyers here, from Australia, New Zealand, and even Latin America. The feedback we’ve received so far is that this year’s result has already been better than last year’s. We look forward to more positive business exchanges over the next few days.”

Satpal SHARMA, Co-ordinator 


“I’m here to see what’s trending in terms of local and regional flavours, and have been amazed by the variety of fabrics available here.”

Joanna LOPEZ, Director

Monaco Interiors (UK)

“It’s our first time exhibiting here, at the Outdoor Boulevard. Though visitor quantity wasn’t as high as we’re used to, the quality of visitors to our booth has been high. We’re happy with our results and are keen to return. With the new venue, we hope to receive visitors of even higher quality next year.”

Adam WU, Director 


“Treniq organised my trip here as I style high-end residential projects around the world. I’m most interested in designs from this region that are unique and customisable. The selection of rugs here is really impressive, and I’ve had positive discussions with a good pool of exhibitors.”

Olivia de BARTHA, Interior Designer

Katharine Pooley (UK)

“Asif design group has been exhibiting at IFFS for 8 years in a row. Thought trade shows are generally not seeing high traffic, I still invest in a few important shows a year. We have two booths at IFFS 2018 because I wanted to be sure to maximise my opportunities here. I’m positive about the move to MBS and may consider a lager booth next year.”

Junaid MOHAMMED, Owner 


“My goal here is to network with local and regional suppliers. It’s great to be able to meet face-to-face with contacts and to gain a better understanding of how business is done in this region.”

Filippo CALZAVARA, Architect

Gherardi architetti (Italy)

“The last time we exhibited here was seven years ago, so we decided to return again to grow our pool of leads. We have made some good connections so far, and even made a positive, unexpected connection for our other business.”

Yonathan SUTANTO, Marketing Manager

PT Mandalindo Tata Perkasa (Indonesia)

“I’m interested in customisable items for hotels, and am looking for authentic, regional items that will bring a unique flavour to hotel spaces. Meeting local suppliers in person really makes a difference in understanding how to better work with them.”

Antoine RAZZAK, Interior Designer

Dawson Design Associates, Ltd. (UK)

“We are exhibiting here for the first time to test the market and collect leads. The next venue is something to consider as we’re hoping to meet a greater pool of international buyers who are keen on our style of outdoor furniture.”

Jenny TANG, Managing Director 


“It’s our first time exhibiting at IFFS so we’ll have to see how the leads pan out over the next few months. This is the only show in Southeast Asia that we’re participating in this year. We’re here to reach international audiences and have positive expectations about the results.”

Chris PAGET, International Sales & Customer Service Manager 


“I’m looking forward to the show moving to MBS as I had taken part in M&O for two years before joining NOOK Asia. This is my second year here and though the show is a little quieter, the quality of visitors is high, and I’ve had positive responses so far. If it makes sense for the brand, we will be back again next year.”

Sandrine GIRAUD, Owner