Square Roots Brings Solid Furniture to IFFS 2018

When looking for furniture, people often arrive at this question: whether to purchase furniture made with solid wood. Well-built, solid wood furniture can make homes look classy, last for generations, and is incredibly durable. Solid wood furniture can also withstand wear and tear from daily use and require minimal maintenance. Another key factor to keep in mind when choosing solid wood furniture is the furniture company manufacturing and design your furniture piece.

Meet Square Roots, a Vietnam-based furniture design firm well known for its use of natural forms and solid hardwood to create modern furniture. Founded in 2007 by a woodsman and an alchemist finisher, the company aims to deliver high quality furniture made from solid wood, specifically oak, to its customers. By selecting the best quality and most environmentally responsible suppliers, Square Roots constructs exceptional, high-quality products.

The company takes great pride in understanding oak in all its complexity, and sources its oak from Burgundy, France, which has cool, climatic conditions with forests that produce harder and heavier timbers. The French oak Square Roots prefers has distinctive grain patterns and a beautiful pale colour, and has wider girths and larger lateral limbs that result in characterful wood rich in tannins.

While alternate furniture materials like plastic and veneers can be heavily processed and filled with chemicals, selectively harvested solid hardwood is one of the most sustainable furniture materials. That’s why Square Roots only works with PEC forestry certified mills. By working directly with these mills, the company achieves two of its core aims: to only procure the best quality timber, and to have complete confidence in the sustainable management of the timber source.

Understanding what its customers want from their furniture is also another core aim of Square Roots’. Knowing that the company’s customers value the honesty and simplicity in all its design and manufacturing of furniture, Square Roots seeks to highlight the natural qualities of the materials used by presenting its pieces in timeless forms with hand-applied details and finishes.

When it comes to business and product designs, Square Roots always focuses on building its relationship with its customers. The company always ensures that all of its furniture pieces reflect its values, experiences, and most importantly, its need to stay innovative.

Square Roots will be bringing two brand new collections to IFFS 2018, marking the company’s 10th year at IFFS. The new collections will include dining and home office pieces made from Burgundy-sourced French oak.


Made with wide, yet thin slabs, Square Roots’ new Ciara collection combines ebonised French oak with black steel, exuding classy vibes.


The company will also be bringing new designs of its existing collections to IFFS 2018. One such collection is its Ollo collection, which combines rounded oak boards with round cast iron.


Two new designs from the Ollo collection, made with smoked oak and blackened cast iron


When asked about their long-standing support for IFFS in the past 10 years, Square Roots’ founders Justin Wheatcroft and Edward Stodart shared that their decision is fueled by the fair’s position as Asia’s premier design leading furniture show. Given that the fair attracts the best regional furniture brands looking to present their new and distinctive ranges, it in turn brings discerning buyers who appreciate originality and quality. The founders also appreciate the fair’s geographic location, in that it helps bring in buyers from all over the world, making IFFS a platform to reach international buyers.

Keep an eye out for Square Roots’ solid pieces at IFFS 2018!