Tetrad: Timeless Collections

One of the United Kingdom’s (UK’s) finest upholstery business, Tetrad marries elegance with practicality to produce furniture that is built to last. Established in 1968, the company’s expert craftsmanship and pride in its beautifully hand-crafted furniture have elevated Tetrad to lead the industry.


Tetrad specialises in fine quality sofas, chairs, and stools with hardwood frames, including a variety of suspension options, high-quality fabrics, and hides. The company believes that with its clever combination of elegance and informality, its sofas and chairs create a unique home.


Tetrad’s attention to detail and quality engineering produces chairs, sofas, and stools that are inviting and accessible to all homes. Using only the finest materials, Tetrad gives its customers the best and most beautiful furniture possible, as furniture is not just functional. Each piece can also be a central feature of a home, and the company works tirelessly to develop new designs that will suit all tastes, and fit any home.


One of the collections that Tetrad will be bringing to IFFS 2018 is its classic Harris Tweed collection, comprising the Taransay, Dalmore, and Nairn. A combination of Tetrad’s expert craftsmanship with the hard-wearing and prestigious Harris Tweed, the collection exudes quality and style, and is the epitome of what makes Britain great – the wonderful sense of heritage, quality, and tradition.


A member of the Harris Tweed Collection, the Taransay is a classic scrolled arm sofa with a fully soil sprung fixed seat and hand-applied studding, providing families a place of great comfort for many years to come. The Taransay comes in several formats, including two sofa sizes, a gent’s chair, a ladies’ chair, and a stool.

The Dalmore offers its users timeless style and a hard-wearing feel, with its super loop sprung seating and curved buttoned back for extra comfort. It is expertly upholstered in an array of Harry Tweed fabrics, as well as leather.


Lastly, the Nairn boasts elegant curves that fashion a softer take on the classic wing chair. It is also available in Harris Tweed fabrics, accented with a supple leather trim and hand applied studding. It is the perfect accent piece in both traditional and modern homes.


Part of Tetrad’s exclusive signature collection, the award-winning piece Gatsby will be presented at IFFS 2018. A collaboration between Tetrad furniture and Ralph Lauren’s signature fabrics, the signature collection comprises breath-taking pieces that illustrates the artistic progression of Tetrad’s designs. Each piece is named to reflect an important aspect of Ralph Lauren’s history. For example, the Gatsby was inspired by the illustrious costume design for the film, highlighting the synergy between fashion and interior design. The Gatsby is available in two sofa sizes and as a snuggler.


Keep your eyes peeled for more of Tetrad’s beautiful collections at IFFS 2018!