Why Visit?

8 Reasons to Visit IFFS

1. New Venue, New Experience

An award-winning event venue conceived by world-renowned architect and urban designer Moshe Safdie, Sands Expo and Convention Centre is strategically located at the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. Witness stunning and picturesque views, state-of-the-art facilities, and top-notch entertainment, shopping, dining, arts and culture options. Be part of a first-rate fair, at a world-class destination.

2. What’s Hot

Gain knowledge and exposure to new industry trends, products and resources that are available for your retail businesses, commercial and residential developments, hospitality projects, franchises, and distribution network. Where else perfect to learn what’s hot and what’s not other than our fair.

3. Spread Your Wings

Start a conversation with any of your fellow professional at our fair! What do we have? Well, over 19,000 retailers, architects, interior designers, franchisees, hospitality buyers, distributors, e-commerce owners, and more. Spanning over 90 countries, we give you the opportunity to take your ideas and businesses to places you’ve never-ever dreamt of, as we are the leading, de facto international fair in ASEAN. We offer the best sourcing platform for you to build contacts, strengthen relationships, and enhance collaborations.

4. Your Gateway to the World

Europe? Checked.

Asia? Checked.

North America? Checked.

With an eclectic blend of carefully selected internationally-renowned exhibitors and exquisite brands across 17 different product categories, step into our active hub of furniture and furnishings, and embark on a design-inspired journey of trade and industry.

5. The Future of Urban Living

Unveiling UrbanAsia, the future of urban living. As urban dwellers increase, and livings spaces increasingly priced at a premium, what do you do? Join us and play the role of an urban dweller at our fair, and discover urban living solutions from around the world that go beyond form and function to truly understanding the needs of urban dwellers, their aspirations and desire lifestyles. What’s more, we are launching three urban living signature showcases, drawing inspiration from the rich culture and diversity of densely populated ASEAN cities, in the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore.

6. Just for You

We know you enjoy visiting our fair. To thank you, we offer you a host of luxurious benefits:

  • Special discounts at selected Marina Bay Sands outlets, including celebrity chef restaurants
  • Exclusive room rates at Marina Bay Sands, and other partner hotels
  • Attractively priced tickets at selected attractions in Singapore
  • Complimentary limited edition show bag

7. Our Credentials, Your Promise

We understand your needs better than anyone else. Unlike other fairs, we are organised by the industry, the Singapore Furniture Industries Council. An internationally-recognised and award-winning fair, we have almost four decades of experience since our inaugural event in 1981, and is well supported by DesignSingapore Council, Enterprise Singapore, and the Singapore Exhibition and Convention Bureau.

8. Complimentary Show Map!

And finally, we know that you have been to other fairs where you have to pay a ransom for show maps. Fret not, we are giving you a free, limited edition copy of ours for your reference, while stocks last!

Quotes from Buyers
Alistair Philp
Gillies Ltd
VIP Buyer from United Kingdom

I remember IFFS for its wide range of exhibitors, which makes it easier to fulfil my business needs. That is what keeps me coming back year after year.

Steve Arelisky
Cane Time
VIP Buyer from South Africa

I came to IFFS to meet Asian manufacturers, and ended up meeting quite an international range of suppliers. I am surprised at the global reach it has – there are exhibitors from a good variety of countries! I am really happy, because I was able to connect with so many people, and I found a lot more than I had expected to.

Estela Martinez
Cia. Ind. Ceima Rattan S.
VIP Buyer from Mexico

I wanted to meet with prospects from other markets, and IFFS helped me do exactly that, and more. It exposed me to the Asian market, and offered excellent opportunities for me to widen my network.

Pim van Donzel
Van Donzel Wooncenter
VIP Buyer from The Netherlands

I’ve been to IFFS countless of times, and it never fails to meet my business needs with the range of exhibitors, designs, and ideas that it offers.

K. O. Lee
GSI Korea
VIP Buyer from South Korea

I came to IFFS to meet Asian suppliers, and ended up meeting quite an international range of suppliers. I am really surprised at how international it is – there are so many exhibitors from different countries! I was able to connect with many exhibitors at the show, and found more than what I hoped to find.

Charl van Heerden
Uniqwa Furniture
VIP Buyer from Australia

I came to IFFS in search of potential suppliers from Asia, and IFFS helped me reach that goal. It helped put me in touch with companies from other countries, and gave me numerous opportunities to network with them.

Timothy Hudson
Frank Hudson Ltd
VIP Buyer from United Kingdom

I came to the Singapore fair intending to have meetings with Asian furniture manufacturers. However, IFFS surprised me with much more – an exciting line-up of international companies! I was astounded by the variety of countries that they come from, and IFFS exceeded my expectations.

Jim Orr
VIP Buyer from United Kingdom

IFFS is a furniture fair that offers a myriad of ideas, design pieces, as well as business opportunities. It’s one of those events that you don’t want to miss.

Stephen Mendel
VIP Buyer from Australia

We have our eyes on Asia, and IFFS exposed me to the many markets and players from this region and beyond.

Emma Rackley
Shop Direct
VIP Buyer from United Kingdom

IFFS offers me exposure to many markets in Asia and beyond, and allows me to network with many potential suppliers.

Sebastian Bohmer
VIP Buyer from Denmark

Every year, I am amazed at the range of exhibitors and pieces IFFS offers. It’s definitely a show I won’t miss.

John Cunningham
VIP Buyer from South Africa

I’ve visited IFFS more times than I can count, and each time, I am amazed by the comprehensive collections offered by participating exhibitors.


We confirmed orders with a supplier from Turkey and another from Indonesia within the first 2 hours of the show, so I’d say that we have been successful so far. We like the high-end, international offerings here, and find many exhibitors who offer a good combination of quality and price.

In House Interiors
Founder and Principal Interior Designer

I’m a UAE-based interior designer, and this has been a great first-time experience for me here at IFFS. I’ve expanded my supplier database, and discovered many quality products from countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and India. There are some very good options for custom or bespoke products here, and the lead times are really amazing! I made some valuable contacts this week, so I’ll likely be back again next year.

David OEI
Product Designer

I thought it was very informative. As a student-designer, I valued their candid sharing as it gave me greater insight to the professional world. I particularly appreciated Giulio’s reminder to designers to be mindful of cultural restrictions, and to respect the local culture in order to remain relevant.

David PEEZ
Republic Home

I’ve been here six years in a row now and continue to see a great cross section of suppliers from around the world here. Other shows in this region feature a majority of their own local manufacturers, but IFFS is different in a good way for me. I meet a lot of reputable companies here that offer high quality products.

Interior Designer

We’re celebrating our company’s 10th anniversary in Singapore and planned to visit this week so that we could attend IFFS. This is the only show of its kind that we are visiting in Southeast Asia this year. All thirteen of us are here to look for interior design trends and ideas for our residential clients in the Philippines, and we like what we have seen so far.

Viyan LO
Hirsch Bedner Associates
Senior Designer

I’m a furniture fittings and equipment (FF&E) designer and am here to explore local and Southeast Asian exhibits. It’s my first time attending a show like this in Southeast Asia, and I liked the contemporary rattan pieces that I’ve seen, and also the many classical pieces offered by several exhibitors.

Joanna LOPEZ
Monaco Interiors

I’m here to see what’s trending in terms of local and regional flavours, and have been amazed by the variety of fabrics available here.

Olivia de BARTHA
Katharine Pooley
Interior Designer

Treniq organised my trip here as I style high-end residential projects around the world. I’m most interested in designs from this region that are unique and customisable. The selection of rugs here is really impressive, and I’ve had positive discussions with a good pool of exhibitors.

Gherardi architetti

My goal here is to network with local and regional suppliers. It’s great to be able to meet face-to-face with contacts and to gain a better understanding of how business is done in this region.

Antoine RAZZAK
Dawson Design Associates, Ltd.
Interior Designer

I’m interested in customisable items for hotels, and am looking for authentic, regional items that will bring a unique flavour to hotel spaces. Meeting local suppliers in person really makes a difference in understanding how to better work with them.