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Linie Design is a Danish design company founded in 1980. As the biggest developer and wholesaler of handmade rugs in Northern Europe, elegant colours and excellent materials are part of their everyday life.

Tradition is a keyword, both when it comes to Nordic design and unique craftsmenship. All their rugs are designed by acknowledged Scandinavian designers and handmade by Indian master artisans, who have perfected their skills through generations.

Linie Design is back to NOOK Asia for the second year, Frontpage got excited and eager to find out more of their brand personality/identity story through the following Q&As.


Q:  How does Linie matches creativity, imagination and functionality? How is this shown through your latest collection?

A:  We develop ideas from new materials and weaving techniques in cooperation with our production and weavers. New and unexpected things emerge when new materials and structures come across.

Our design AMBROSIA is a good example for a new combination, where the tendency of floral print meets the classic material Viscose.

Ambrosia Leaf.IN

Q:   What kind of brand personality/identity does Linie design possess?

A:   Linie Design is a brand with a long tradition and history, which has proven its ability to deliver sublime and authentic craftsmanship.

Handmade rugs with high design value, produced under decent conditions and anchored in Nordic design tradition, offer a stylish flair.

Aimi Slate.IN                                                    Arguto Multi.IN


Linie Design has strong defined core values:

DESIGN innovation

CRAFTSMANSHIP tradition & qualilty

ACCURACY production, delivery & customer care


Q:    Linie is a renowned Danish design company and is famous for having a modern Nordic look being weaved into your designs. How’s the Nordic flavour different from other parts of Europe?

A:     A modern, Nordic look is weaved into all our designs, and we constantly aim to create surprising expressions and surfaces. This helps to differentiate our rugs from the others in the market.

Freya Powder.IN                                                           Impilati Mustard.IN

Q:     We also learnt that Linie is a socially responsible organisation. Can you shed some light into the Care and Fair Programme that your organisation is actively participating in?

A:     We are part of Care & Fair – an organization fighting against child labour and improving the conditions of life for the carpet weavers and their families.

This commitment is evident in all our rugs, which display the Care & Fair label, and via our Linie Design School, which is attended by more than 350 students in India every day.


Q:    Who are some of the designers that you work with? Perhaps to name a new renowed designers that you are currently working with on your new collections.

A:     Our rugs are designed by acknowledged Danish designers like Urd Moll Gundermann and Hanne Kortegaard. We praise our Nordic design tradition and are proud of advancing world-class design on a global scale. All our rugs are handmade by Indian master artisans, who have perfected their unique skills through generations.

Penello Stone.IN


Mondo Mustard.IN

Catania Turquise.IN