What’s Hot in Carpet Manufacturing? by JAVI Home

Looking for that extra detail to spice up your living area? Carpets make a good option for a quick and easy way to change or enhance the look of an interior space.

India-based carpet manufacturer JAVI Home spills the beans on some recent trends in carpet manufacturing.

Trend 1: Leather Hair-on Patchwork


What is it: Leather that retains the original hair, natural colours, and markings of the hide. It’s stylish and warm, and it feels soft to the touch.

Striking in design, these rugs are meticulously designed by hand stitching panels of authentic imported leather hides together, resulting in a beautiful natural texture melded with the eccentric charm of tile-like impression. Crafted from premium hair-on cowhide, JAVI Home’someHome rugs are hand pieced in varieties of dynamic motifs to elevate your living space.

Trend 2: Panja Dhurrie Multi-Textured Rug

What is it: A dhurrie is a thick, flat-woven rug or carpet used traditionally in India as floor-coverings. Panja Dhurrie is a traditional flat-rug weaving process. It derives its name from a metal comb-like tool (called Panja) that is used to hold the yarns tight during weaving.

Artfully inspired geometric flat-woven rugs crafted by artisans using multi-fineness blended yarns to bring out a unique tactile feel that your feet will love. These 100% hand-woven rugs are designed in all natural colours of greys, beiges, and whites, ensuring a seamless addition (with an extra edge) to any space.

Trend 3: Hand-tufted Multi-Textured Rug

What is it: This involves imprinting the design of the rug on a canvas prior to tufting. The artisan then takes a tufting gun that pushes the appropriate coloured fiber through the canvas, creating either a loop pile or a cut pile. With more tufts, more work is required but the end design will be more intricate. A scrim is applied to the back of the rug with a coating of latex to secure the fibres, then covered with another cloth or canvas backing for extra protection.

Clean and understated, this hand-tufted wool rug renders a variety of plush textures with a modern sensibility, which brings timeless sophistication to a wide range of settings. Luxurious yarns produce a variety of striations on the surface, giving it visual depth along with versatility of a solid colour.

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