Woven+, Passion With Ancient Techniques and Tradition Of Handcrafting Design

“Creating forever great pieces of outdoor furniture is our passion, mixing materials and styles to get those distinguished looks. We combine high quality resin, rope, aluminum and teak to make beautiful weatherproof collections suitable for out- or even indoors. Every piece of furniture is handmade in the spirit of traditional craftsmanship, giving soul and unique character to each design.” — and that’s ,the company that created the brand Eurotan to distribute high end rattan collections.

is one of the Frontiers, and also stalwart supporters of IFFS since 1998. Frontpage took the opportunity to connect with Mr Elibert Tigges, Founder and CEO, the following e-interview provides an insight into his company’s transformation and where he sees the outdoor furniture trend transforming.

Q: What is in the name “Woven+”? How has the brand evolve since its beginnings?

A: As probably most people know, our company is 3rd generation family business and we are passionate about ancient techniques and the tradition of handcrafting. While originally as the brand states, we were focused on hand-picked weaving, we worked hard over the past 6 years, transforming the collection into a more comprehensive full outdoor living concept. More lately we have been adding specific accessories, material mixes and designs, gearing us into the level of an in- and outdoor life perception.

Q: How do you see the outdoor furniture trend transforming?

A: The main stream outdoor market was traditionally ruled by garden specialist retail performance. The traditional indoor furniture market has ignored it. With the breakthrough of internet and its related retail, this market has become accessible for many more parties from bigger chains to smaller life style boutiques. All along the consumer has been offered a complete different and broader choice in products, material mixes and styles, thus becoming far more accessible. What we clearly see is that the products do not need to be typical ‘outdoor’ design. Adopting ‘indoor’ styles and using outdoor materials creates a far more interesting and versatile perspective. The world is evolving fast and you don’t want to push for example young urban couples to think twice before they move their chairs on their balcony or vice versa?

Q: What is the one unique aspect that sets Woven+ apart from other European designs?

A: We are different in any way. I believe you have to see the collections and its related presentation, live at the IFFS, or through our website to understand our philosophy. All around the world consumers appreciate our cosmopolitan and comprehensive concepts, created with passion and appreciation for the hand-made product.

Q: Frontpage learnt that Woven+ is working with a well-known designer, Paola Navone, for your new product range. Would you be able to share a sneak preview with our readers?

A: One of our activities is to develop and manufacture OEM collections for various companies around the world. Last year, we started developing a stunning collection designed by Paola Navone for a well-known Italian brand. After it is successfully launched, we will be adding more great pieces later on this year.

Woven+ is permanently in contact with well-known designers all around the world.